Travelling Vicariously

Flipping through the pages in a travel magazine, staring at colourful pictures on the glossy pages, reading stories of places unseen, living in another country altogether by taking on the character in a novel, excitedly sharing lists of must-see places with like-minded friends, planning endless trips that you know won’t happen… sounds like you? Sounds like me, for sure!

Yes. I travel vicariously through all possible ways that allow me to experience places without actually going anywhere. I do believe that, someday, I will really go to these places; tan in the sunlight of a foreign sky, soak my feet in distant waters, and stare at architecture I cannot fathom.

In fact, I have already set out on that path, starting with weekend getaways and mini versions of my mega dreams. I dedicate this blog to journeys of all sizes and shapes, because to a true wanderer, each one of them is special. As I travel, I will take you along with me through detailed descriptions on this blog. And you can travel vicariously through my journeys. 🙂


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  1. Karthik says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed every aspect about your journey to Trivandram! It’s like you walked me through a city (or a town, perhaps) making me want more to consume from your seasoned writing! 😊

    Great job! 👍

    Keep exploring and keep ’em coming up in your next blogs!


    1. Hey, thanks! Although this is the introductory post and not the one on Trivandram 😛


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